Close to Completion

By: Bob Goodson
September 9, 2018

Recently I was watching an episode of Chasing Classic Cars and Wayne Carini said something in that episode that “rung my bell” as some would say.  What he said was “It’s easy to take a car apart. It’s not so easy to put it back together.” There’s a lot said in those words.  It is very easy to take a car apart.  To put a car back together right is a challenge and takes a lot of time.  Especially one that has been completely disassembled.  I won’t lie, there were times during these last 9 months that I wanted to just walk away and leave it.  There are always moments where you have a plan and something disrupts that plan.  That’s the reality of any build project. Especially one that goes as deep as this one. What separates the men from the boys in those cases is how you respond when things don’t go as planned. 

If there is one piece of advice that I could give for those out there working on their project is one word. List.  Make a list and set short term goals.  So many of these car building shows make the process look easy.  The reality is that for every 10 minutes of edited footage, there’s probably 60-120 hours that they didn’t show depending on whether it was paint, fabrication, or assembly.  So making lists keeps things on track and processes flowing.  
I was able to get the car complete enough to haul it in a trailer over to the Saleen Nationals show in Charlotte. There are still some details that have to be done to get the car 100% complete.  At this point I’m enjoying the car as it is but it does need 3.55 gears, decals, 6 point cage/interior brace, and stereo wired up.  


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