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By: Bob Goodson
June 19, 2012

Drove the car to the Shelby Spring Fling in May and had planned to get some good pics of it then.  However the class I was in didn’t have enough parking so there were like 10 cars in 5 spaces.  There was no room to take pics.  The car was surrounded by other cars.  It was also hard to get the car clean for that show because there are a TON of oak trees where the cabins are.  Oak trees love to shed sap.  So the car was coated in it and I didn’t have enough towels to get it nice and clean.  A bonus for the trip was that I fixed the A/C and it worked great all the way there and back.  Still works now as I type this.  I used it when I drove to get these pics.  Enough typing.  Here’s where we are and it looks decent.  Long Ways to go.


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