Dying to Complete… Dash Overhaul

By: Bob Goodson
October 9, 2017

The original dash in 04 is pretty banged up.  It’s got sticker residue on it and in one of my earlier posts the speaker supports by the A pillar have all been cut up because a previous owner tried to make some little 3×2 speakers fit.  I was able to score a dash in trade with a buddy for some parts I had years ago.  I took it upon myself to get on to cleaning it up and getting it into shape.  All 90-93 dashes are molded black.  The red and grey dashes are all dyed to match the door panels and interior.  So I dyed this one back to black.  If this process is followed properly you’ll end up with a factory looking dash that no one will know.  I’m going to document this process and write an article for The FoxCast as a technical writeup/how to.  
Take a look at the pics and you’ll see where this dash was dyed grey.  Easy to spot the overspray. 

if you’re HUGE into Fox Mustangs like me, then you have to subscribe to The FoxCast.  It is the best content when it comes to 79-93 FoxChassis Fords.  They offer discount codes through major manufacturers of parts for our cars and articles on some of the coolest Fox cars on the planet.  


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