Finding more previous owner modifications

By: Bob Goodson
April 30, 2012

Removed the speaker grilles on the dash because they looked like they weren’t sitting flush against it.  Upon removing the passenger speaker grill I find that a previous owner wanted a really odd shaped speaker under there. Not only did they have to modify the dash but they also had to modify the speaker to make it fit.  I’m really scratching my head on this one because even Wal Mart would have a $30 set of 3.5″ speakers.  Good audio gear heads will tell you that a round speaker delivers much better and more equal sound.  The odd sizes 4″x3″ or 4″x6″ are shaped to fit within a confined space when a round speaker won’t fit that’s large enough.  So I’m baffled and luckily I have another 90-93 dash that will go in place of this one. 

After removing the speakers and putting the grills back in place I sat back in the car and started counting all of the stock mustang parts I had replaced.  This isn’t counting Saleen specific parts.  Just stock parts that needed replacing.  So I thought I would tally up the list.  And this isn’t going to be all of it.  There are things that still need to be replaced.  

Pedal Assembly
Brake Booster
Gauge Cover
Steering column cover
Knee panel support under steering column
Knee panel
Passenger kick panel
Door sill carpet hold down strips
Driver and Passenger door armrests
Driver and Passenger door lock/window switch covers
Driver and Passenger door handle covers
Driver and Passenger corner mirror covers
Console – ALL three pieces.  The armrest didn’t even exist in the car when I got it
Rear view mirror
Stereo antenna and cable
Various vacuum hoses under the hood
Idle Air Control Valve
Headlights – All 6
Door drip rail molding
Dew wipe molding 
Hatch area carpet

It’s just part of the process but I thought it was worth mentioning because its a rather large list.  Most every Fox Mustang that has been driven for 15-20 years will need most of that list or possibly more.  


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