Fox Mustang K Member Details –

By: Bob Goodson
May 19, 2020

I was sorting pictures the other night and came across these jewels.  I took pics of the process when I did restoration on the K member.  I failed to show this detail because of the rush to get the car to the Saleen Nationals and its one that can’t be seen now.  I went through some painstaking details to replicate OE finishes and overspray.

The first thing to do was to get the K member out of the chassis. Then remove all of the hardware and pieces on it and pressure wash it. I did leave the steering rack on it as it was the original rack and the inner tie rods had been replaced at some point. Note the blue zip ties.

Little closeup of the spindles and hubs above.

Once the K member was clean, it was real obvious that there was some drips and leaks from the master cylinder. Note the rust on the one side.  I worked to sand off all the rust down to the metal and primed that spot. Then I hit that area with the undercarriage etching color commonly called “Ford Gray”.  

As you can see, there was more work to do in replicating the overspray created in the paint process at Dearborn. When the Foxbodies were painted, they had the hood, fenders, K member, doors, and hatch already on the unibody. This is obvious because when you remove any of those panels you can see the grey protective coating under the attaching points like hinges, bolts..etc. 

To recreate the “line” like the other side, I just used a 2×4 and laid it where the frame rail would be. Then sprayed Ebony black Duplicolor paint replicating the overspray.

The Ford original side above and my replicated driver side below.

I just couldn’t not do this when I had it all apart. Do it once, do it right!


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