By: Bob Goodson
June 9, 2011

Got the white face gauges installed. I bought a set of white face overlays off Ebay a while back.  The SA10 came with 200mph Saleen white face gauges with red needles. Redline gauges modified the clusters for Saleen according to those I’ve chatted with about this.  The speedometer still needs to be recalibrated.  The toughest part is making sure the oil, fuel, battery, and temp gauge needles are still in the right location on the stem so that they will work properly.  So far they work great but the car needs to be driven to be sure. 

Removing the stock Ford gauge overlays

Gauge Cluster installed in Dash

Reinstalling the components with new overlays

The Gauges of SA10 #09

The bottom right pic here is the interior of Saleen SA10 #09.  It is worth noting that Saleen SA10 #02 has yellow needles on the gauges.  The yellow is a nice touch considering the color scheme of the car.  However, Almost 4 will get the red gauge needles to closer match the needles on the boost and fuel gauges that go in it.  What can I say? I like to coordinate. Ha!

A little tip. A Q-Tip and nail polish remover will remove the white paint from the gauge needle.  



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