Going from Freightliner to Foxbody Mustang…

By: Bob Goodson
July 14, 2020

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When we were getting Almost 4 the Saleen SA10 #04 chassis project ready for the Saleen Nationals back in 2018 we got in a rush.  Unfortunately there is a day job outside of this hobby up to this point in time. That is something that is always a balance with hobbies.  I’m sure all who read this can relate in some way.

For that Nationals show and for the World of Wheels Show in Birmingham, all the car had to do was drive a few hundred feet to get into place for the shows.

Once we got the car out to drive a little the fan was just roaaaring like a Freightliner.  At first the thought was “well, it will break in at some point”.  But mile after mile the fan just roared like it was a flex fan.  After 200+ miles of driving, it was still doing the same thing as it did on day 1 of completion.  So we had to swap out these parts.

See the video here for a listen in of the car on the dyno.

In the process of changing out the fan clutch, we also put in a hotter MSD coil and a new superharger belt.  

The reason for changing the belt and the coil was because when we had the car on the dyno the car seemed to lose spark and/or have belt slip on the supercharger.  

This is noted by the dyno print out because the print out is in miles per hour instead of RPM.  The RPM readout was not present above 4000 rpm.  

Note in the printout how wavy the line is.  The car put down 314hp to the wheels.  The belt was slipping or the spark was being blown out or both.  The hotter coil and new supercharger belt should help that.  The supercharger belt was one from the NOS kit that was from 1996.  

We’ll take the car back up to the dyno to see if we solved the issue and report back on the YouTube channel and here what the results are.  We’re hoping for 350 ish rear wheel horsepower.  That makes for a solid 400 horsepower at the crank. 


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