Ignition Switch Wiring Repair

By: Bob Goodson
August 23, 2011

Working to repair the wiring under the steering column from the alarm and extra stereo equipment installed by previous owners.  It’s amazing the car ran at all because of how this stuff was done.  The alarm controlled the windows and locks via a small remote.  While very convenient it didn’t function properly.  To integrate the alarm into the windows and locks the wires at the switches had to be cut and spliced to feed the control box of the alarm. What was interesting is that household wire was used to accomplish this and it was all barrel connected together.  Not what I would call “weather” tight.  The wiring has been corrected at the window/lock switches by soldering the cuts back together and using shrink tubing to keep it weather tight. I’m currently working on the steering column and need to purchase some larger shrink tubing to finish the job.  Excuse the fuzzy pics. My camera doesn’t have a Macro setting to take good close ups.  They’re good enough to get the point across though. 

Yes, That Is A Wire Nut. That wire filled the space between the shrink tubing Again, Amazing The Car Ran.

Need to repair these. Both wires are 12V leads. Just wrapped in electrical tape.


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