Impressions After Driving

By: Bob Goodson
July 29, 2012

I’ve been thinking about this lately and thought it was worth mentioning because I’ve driven the car to a few club gatherings and a few weeks ago drove it through to Asheville NC.  It’s very obvious that the car has some miles on it because the suspension is very loose. Every bushing needs to be replaced along with the balljoints and tie rod ends.  The car is very sloppy through the curves.  

So far I’ve replaced the springs and shocks. What will be replaced are the rear lower control arms, rear upper control arms, front control arm bushings, balljoints, tie rod ends.  The tie rod ends will be a bump steer kit.  This is something that Saleen didn’t offer in their catalog but it is something that really changes the handling characteristics enough to warrant putting them on the car.  

The whole suspension needs to be overhauled.  Just something to consider if you are buying a Fox Mustang with the youngest of these cars being 20 years old.


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