Junkyard Visit 9/2/11

By: Bob Goodson
September 3, 2011

Went to the junkyard yesterday afternoon and scored some items that need to be replaced.  The clutch pedal pivot arm has been damaged because of a binding clutch cable.  The easiest way to repair this is to replace it with a new pedal assembly.  Along with that I grabbed some window motors, an air vent exit for under the dash, and some wiring clips for wiring that was damaged from the install of the alarm.

Installing the pedal assembly.  Although I’ve done this before on other cars, this isn’t like a fine wine, it doesn’t get better with time.  The process is more refined than the first time but no matter how you slice it, pulling stuff out from under the dash just isn’t fun.  I’ve always said that I love modifications, not maintenance.  This falls under the latter of those two.

Taking on a project like this is a challenge in one way because the car has to be taken back to stock to repair any modifications that weren’t done correctly and to repair things from miles of use.  My desire is to get this car back to showroom condition.  Not better than showroom condition.


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