Long Time No Chat…

By: Bob Goodson
January 9, 2012

The last quarter of 2011 proved to be busy.  Father Time just wouldn’t dish out enough for me to get everything done and stay in front of #4.  So I had to hit the pause button on any progress other than a purchase here or there.  I did land a couple of things that were HUGE for this project.  I say HUGE because that’s both in price and without these two items an SA10 is just not an SA10.  

In the pic above. Three piece Sterns in the correct offsets +24 fronts and +39 rears with the correct style lips to match the other cars.  Many thanks go out to Marcus and Greg for spotting these and storing these until I could get to them.

They will need to be refinished even though the pic does them justice.  They’ll go on the car as is during test/fit assembly and so I can drive it to shows…etc.    

A real SA10/SC option hood from Saleen.  I bid on this on Ebay and lost. Fortunately the buyer had another project come his way and offered it to me.  Thanks for the opportunity Joe.  It’s people like this that are making this project possible.  

Many people are making this project come together.  The Saleen community isn’t that big and is much like a fraternity.  Without the help of people like these I wouldn’t own the car or be getting parts and information.  Special thanks go out to Marcus, Marc Allen, Greg Wackett, Mark LaMaskin, Brian Beard, Scott Warren, Brad Huffaker, Bill Price, Greg Tanner, Rick Schmunk, and I’m sure I’m forgetting a few at the moment.


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