On The Ground

By: Bob Goodson
May 12, 2012

Got the car on the ground and have driven it a few miles to get the suspension to settle.  The car sits higher than I thought it would.  Not something I’m happy with but I’m going to drive it as is for a while and see if it settles.  It has settled some but it will need to come down another 1/2″ to be where I would like it to be.  
Installed the strut tower brace.  The Saleen hood wouldn’t clear it so it has to be cut so it will close.  The interior is all back in the car.  Found that the lower armrest mount on the console has some mounting tabs broken.  I’ll have to sift through some at a junkyard to find one.  This is exactly why I’m going through the pains of taking the car apart and putting it back together before going to paint and then into final assembly.  It helps the small details fall into place in final assembly.  
Next things on the horizon are the pan-hard bar and the tri-ladder subframes install.  

I know… I know…  where are the pics.  They’ll be up soon. :o)


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