One Major Option Left – 6 Point Cage

By: Bob Goodson
October 4, 2020

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There’s one option left that I would like to have for Almost 4.  That is the 6 point interior brace/cage.  I was recently around Saleen SA10 #02 for a second time as we are partnering with Performance Autosport Inc. to shoot videos of their PAS Collection of cars. All of the pics in this article are of this car. 

Our first video dropped and it is of SA10 #02.  If you watch the video you can see closeups of the cage in this car.

Out of all the options I’ve chosen for the car this one is the most challenging to find as these were built to order.  They didn’t mass produce these.  So the ones that were made are inside cars.  

We were able to track down a company who was a supplier for Saleen for these parts.  We have had some braces made over the years to help the Saleen community. As of this writing the supplier isn’t going to make anymore braces.  We were told they wouldn’t care to do them anymore.  

If you look closely at the images above you’ll see that the cage goes through the speaker grilles and through the speaker grilles in the dash.  It was a custom piece built for this car according to the supplier that built it.  

This is the final major piece I would like to install in Almost 4.  This Saleen SA10 is the only one to receive this option.  I think it is a cool option too.  It makes the car very stable and rigid.  Hopefully we can get a local shop to replicate this and we can install it.  

This really has been a 10 year chase.  This is the only major option left.  We have put in every option we would like except two.  This is one of them.  The other one we landed recently and are planning to do a video.  Subscribe to the YouTube Channel to follow along.  


  1. Jay Ronca

    How does the mounting of the cage posts work with the speakers? And what is the trim ring that is arouns each poat on the speaker grills?

    • Bob Goodson

      The speakers in the dash are removed. The rear speakers were relocated into the sides of the panels just above the small armrest in the back seat. And the “grommet” is just rubber vacuum hose split open to go around the rough edges of the speaker grill cut. That’s an old hot rodding trick. It was done many many years ago to keep metal edges from cutting into wiring and other parts. A simple inexpensive trick.

  2. Chris

    Were the cages bolted in or welded in Bob? I assume the former.


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