1993 Saleen SA10 Alcon Front Brakes Detail

By: Bob Goodson

June 5, 2011

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Yesterday I hopped in my truck to go to North Carolina to pick up some parts. The owner, or former owner as of this typing, of SA10 #9 had some parts I needed for Number Four. A friend of his, Vance Wheeler, was kind enough to volunteer and help complete the transaction. I met up with Vance early that morning and he had worked out a little visit with his good buddy Larry. Larry has two 85 Saleen’s and a 90 SC. Larry was kind enough to open up his garage to let me look at his cars and visit for a couple of hours. I want to thank Larry for doing that and allowing me to crawl around his Saleen’s like a kid looking at candy at the candy counter. It’s not often you get to visit with some cool guys with like interests. We could have easily blown the day just chatting cars.

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