Rare Parts

By: Bob Goodson
May 17, 2013

I’ve not had much time to work on the car.  I did decide to change the seat tracks out to a different style to lower the seats.  The new tracks are sitting in a box and I’ve since sold the old ones.  So the car can’t be driven at this point without a 5 gallon bucket or a milk crate.  Truly a “project” car now with it just sitting again.  

I have located a few rare pieces and picked up a few things for the rear suspension.  I landed a set of 3.55 gears locally and bought a 31 spline explorer carrier.  I really wanted to get an Auburn Diff but these explorer units are very affordable and can withstand some strong torque/power.  I’ll rebuild it with new clutches and it will be a fraction of the cost of an Auburn Diff.  So it is worth saying that I will take some liberties where things can’t be seen.  Another place like this is the motor.  I plan to do a modern 347 and build it up internally.  However I do have the specs on the Saleen S351 blower cam thanks to a good buddy who’s an S351 guru.  With modern tuning it should run good and make plenty of power without stressing too hard to do that.  It only makes sense to use some modern things in this to add longevity and turn key enjoyment out of this car. 

The suspension is mostly complete.  All that is left to purchase for it are rear lower control arms and front control arm bushings.  

So let’s review the suspension setup.
These are all things available in the Saleen catalog in 1993.  ** dictates deviation from 1993 standard production piece ex. constant rate springs weren’t used on 93 production Saleens and would be a custom order on an SA10 if so desired. I would have requested them over the stock 93 production stuff.  Car #11 is a perfect example as it has cockpit adjustable suspension.  Not the standard suspension. 

87-89 Constant rate Saleen Springs ** Saleen used progressive rate in 93
86 early 87 Koni Struts/shocks  ** Saleen used “Racecraft” in 93 (rebadged Carrera pieces) 
Panhard Bar
3.55 gears
Saleen rear lower control arms with spherical joints on one end and rubber on the other
Tri Ladder subframe connectors
Early Saleen Caster camber plates (all 9 cars Saleen made have these, see pic below)
Saleen strut tower brace
Saleen K member brace
Saleen delrin front lower control arm bushings with grease fittings

Early Style Saleen Caster Camber Plates

I’ve also changed direction on my boost/fuel gauges.  I’ve decided to track down the early VDO gauges that Saleen used prior to the ones with the Saleen logo on them.  Even more challenging to find them as they’re off the shelf pieces that were bought at a parts store.  The Saleen pieces are out there in the hands of people who don’t want to let go of them.  The VDO looks correct to me because cars 1, 2, 5, and 8 have them.  I did find a fuel pressure gauge.  Still searching for the boost gauge. 

Interior shot of #8. Note the vent gauges. This is what I plan to use but I will use the curved vent insert as it looks better than the flat one in this pic.


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