Recaro Headrests

By: Bob Goodson
July 24, 2011

Saleen used netted (fishnet as some call it) headrests in the SA10 and regular production Saleens in 1993.  They were a low and wide headrest.  They’re rather difficult to find in the States.  There are some awesome Saleen enthusiasts stepping forward with some hard to find parts for this project.  These headrests are no different.  A close friend in Italy stepped forward with the correct headrests for this project.  Like the seats, they’ll need to be covered in black leather with yellow stitching.  

Like many other things, I had to install them.  Very easy to do.  They look hideous with the tan seats.  LOL! 

A black and tan combo. The wide headrests are not easy to find.  Thank you to Sergio for helping me grab such a rare part. 


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