Saleen 1993 #57 and Replies to Questions in Comments

By: Bob Goodson
May 13, 2015

There have been a couple of questions that have been asked in the comments about some of the parts I’ve found.  Here’s the skinny on those parts for those that have asked and maybe some others who are interested. 

The first one was regarding the front brakes for the 1993 Saleen SC and SA10. See the pics below. The 1993 SC had these brakes as standard equipment.  The setup had a Wilwood aluminum hub with a custom two piece Alcon rotor which consisted of a custom “hat” section and a 13″ x 1″ rotor. The caliper is an Alcon “B” type radial mount.  All of this resided on a modified stock Fox Mustang 87-93 V8 spindle.  The spindle was modified by removing the stock caliper mounting holes, machined flat, and then drilled and tapped to accept the custom Alcon bracket.  See the lower pic on how the bracket looks.  That’s the long answer to the question asked.  The short answer is that the spindle is a modified 87-93 Fox Mustang V8 spindle.

The second question was regarding the boost and fuel gauges I got the first time around.  These gauges were something that Saleen started offering in the catalog sometime in late 1994.  The only way to score a set of these is to scour the Saleen message boards, Ebay, or swap meets and hope that you find them.  Saleen offered both white face and black face versions of these.  Ironically the black face gauges are the rarer of the two because most people bought white face gauges.  

On to Saleen 1993 #57

While I’m physically working on 93 #57, I’m continuing to work on organizing work on SA10 #04.  The pinch weld of the rocker panel has been buggered up due to previous owners using a jack on that edge. Because of that the rockers need to be pulled back down before subframes get welded on (something I’ve been talking about for two years now).  I’m setting that up so that they will look correct.  Once it gets on the frame machine I’ll post up some pics of the process.  Meanwhile, back in the Saleen cave…

1993 #57 is getting some suspension pieces replaced.  The struts are shot. Completely blown out and rusted.  I’m going to replace them with Koni adjustable shocks and struts.  I’ll also remove the rear axles to put shorter axles in.  I’m running a different wheel setup.  It’s a brand that Saleen used but only on 2-3 cars in 1993.  Right now #57 is sitting on jack stands with liquid wrench soaking the bolts.  The front air dam and the rear wing are off getting repainted.  The front stripes were wrong and the air dam lost a battle or two with a curb.  


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