Saleen SA10 #04 Best of Show – Ponies In The Smokies (PITS) 2022

By: Bob Goodson
April 25, 2022

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I’ve never been one to put a lot of stock in winning anything.  My perspective is that if you go in with an expectation to take hardware home, you end up putting your happiness in someone else’s hands. It’s one thing to be on a team and practice and work hard to fight for a championship, but when it comes to car shows the perspective isn’t as black and white as the scoreboard (unless you’re doing concourse judging which then you’re actually judging against yourself and the attention to detail in the restoration).

In the past I’ve only won a couple of trophies.  One was 3rd place at the Rocket City Mustang Club annual show with my 1985 Mustang GT that I was driving daily at the time.  The other was 3rd place on a little league baseball team a long time ago.  And even then, the coach had trophies made for 3rd place as they didn’t give those out. Only 1st and 2nd got trophies.  Outside of those two I’ve not won much.

Below is a pic of our 85 GT when it won 3rd place.  That’s circa 2003-04.

The weekend for Ponies In The Smokies was really awesome.  The weather was chilly but not rainy. We got to stay and hang out with some of our close friends we hadn’t seen in quite some time due to Covid and we also got to meet some new people and start to call them friends.

Some people we met were long time Saleen owners like one gentleman who got a Fox Saleen as his high school graduation gift.  Man!  What a ride to have when you’re 18-19 years old.  And he still owns it!!

We also got to visit with some people who are going down the path we went down with Almost 4.  Doing an exact replica of a Saleen with all the correct Saleen parts. That family had a lot of questions and through it all we got to start a friendship to work together on their project.  That’s a lot of fun!

Another highlight was being able to drive Almost 4 a little bit through the mountain roads after the show was over.  

With all of that as the highlights we couldn’t think of anything that would make the weekend any better but out of nowhere we got chosen for Best of Show – Inside Display and we were mind blown.  Literally.  There’s no way to put this into words because of all of the select vehicles there.  

We can’t say enough about the PITS crew and the show itself. It’s an epic event put on by epic people.  Not only do you get to show your car.  You get to drive your car, win prizes for driving your car, go to meet and greets each night and to top it all off, you can run your car through The Tail of The Dragon for prizes.  

Many thanks to the PITS crew for all they do.  We’re honored and still speechless. 

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  1. Chris

    That last picture is worth everything! So excited for you with this.


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