Saleen SA10 Chevron Decals – Reapplication

By: Bob Goodson
September 6, 2020

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In the video we mentioned that the yellow SA10 Saleen chevron decals started bubbling and peeling.  It didn’t take much effort at all to pull them off.  It was so easy in fact that it didn’t leave any residue and it didn’t stretch the vinyl when removed.  So it was obvious that the chevrons were so old that the glue had started to deteriorate. 

You can see in the pic below that there’s no yellow chevron in front of the white fader chevron. 

We had a local print shop make some decals based off of another set we had and had them made oversized a little so they could be trimmed to fit and match the others. 

After a little time spent the decals came out looking good.  I could split hairs over some of the details and if we ever get the car next to a sister Saleen SA10 to check the color and size we may have them done again.

They will do for now and it looks like it is supposed to.

Finished product below


  1. Devan Narain

    Hi Bob,
    Car looks killer. I have read in a article and Motor Trend did a piece on the SA10. In the show and article it said that they made only 6 or 7 SA10s. The 2nd question is that Saleen won’t sell the white/yellow SA10 stripes to anyone. A friend of mine has a 1990 Saleen clone And he ordered everything at once and when he received all the parts we noticed that the stripes were wrong. When we called Saleen and talked to them they told us that they will never make/sell to just anybody. They also said that you will have to prove that you have one of the SA10’s. That’s was the only way to get them. So he decided put the silver ones on and the rest of the decals. I have subscribe to the website and YouTube channel.

    • Bob Goodson

      Thanks Devan. The article may have been mistaken. There were 9 SA10’s made. Saleen is very particular about who gets what parts. Saleen does sell their stripe kits but it seems they wouldn’t sell the SA10 stripe kit.

      • Charles

        Hi Bob what color yellow did you use for the stripes? Thanks I really appreciate your help

        • Bob Goodson

          I don’t have the specifics on the color. They were color matched to the originals by a local print company.


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