Saleen SA10 Spec Pro M Mass Air Meter

By: Bob Goodson
September 1, 2020

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I went to digging for a post about this the other day and realized that I never made a post on the website about finding a Saleen Catalog Spec Pro M Mass Air Flow Meter on eBay. 

It was the craziest thing.  I am always searching for old school parts.  In 2019 after the car was completed and running ok I was perusing the typical classifieds round. It typically starts with Facebook Marketplace.  Then I may jump over to a few of the old forums to see if anything has popped up there and then it ends with eBay. Why it always ends there I don’t know.  

So I was digging through trying to find a Pro M setup with an elbow that is a lot like the Saleen SC’s in 1990 and 91.  In that search this unit popped up.  I did open the listing, but never acted on it. 

It just so happens that this unit was calibrated to the injector size I was running.  Again, I didn’t act on it.  

So I went to my Saleen SA10 folder archive and started digging through pictures. I found that SA10 #08 did come with a Pro M air meter that was just like this one.  

You can see the meter in the bottom left of the picture above.  Once I saw this in my archives I jumped back over to eBay to see if the listing was still live.  It was, and I bought it right then.  

Now the unit was missing the air filter.  But lucky for me I have some really good friends in the Saleen community.  I reached out to my buddy Rick, the Pro M expert, and asked if he had a filter.  Sure enough, he had like three for me to choose from.  An early, mid and late style filter.  Of course I wanted an early style so it matched the car.  

Above you can see it with the filter added. Thanks to Rick I was able to make it look like it came on the car.

You’ll notice on Saleen SA10 #08 that there is no Vortech filter cover.  Once I had mine installed I received a picture of 1993 Saleen SC #02.  This car is the only 1993 Saleen hatchback SC.  There is another hatchback that was assigned a 1993 SC number but the only Ford Mustang 1993 chassis SC is #02.  I get a picture from a friend who owns this car and it has a Pro M identical to Saleen SA10 #08.  Only this one has the filter cover modified to cover it.  

It’s just a much cleaner look to me, so I set about modifying the one I had to match 1993 Saleen SC #02.  

Above, I marked up the line where it needed to be cut.

Below is it fully installed. 

The great thing is that this looks clean and is fully functional.

This one was calibrated for 30 pound injectors.  The car is tuned an old school style with an FMU so this setup is totally Period Correct.  No chip, no computer tune, just old school mechanical Fuel Management Unit with the correct calibrated MAF setup.


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