Small Project Turned Massive

By: Bob Goodson
June 27, 2012

I sold the shocks and struts off the car this past week and planned to remove them today.  Seems simple enough but this small project turned into a massive removal of pieces.  Typical of a project you think would be simple and not take much time. 

Had to pull the interior apart just to be able to turn the shock mounting bolts enough to break them loose. They must have been put in with an air wrench.

This was all somewhat planned.  The interior removal wasn’t but the front suspension removal was.  The springs didn’t seat correctly when I installed them last time.  The pigtail didn’t fall into the slot on the A arm and the upper spring perch isolator didn’t seat on the spring properly causing the car to sit about 1.25″ too high up front.  It looked  close to stock.  So new isolators will be needed and the springs need 1/4 coil cut off to get the car down.  Once that is done she’ll finally have that “Saleen stance”.


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