Springs to Level

By: Bob Goodson
July 10, 2012

Last week I took some time on Monday to cut a little off of the front springs like I mentioned.  Only cut 1/4 of a coil off because the car that the springs came out of sat a little high in the front.  Any Fox Mustang owner can empathize as the rear springs typically sag on these cars after 10 or more years of use.  If not less than that if the car has been rode hard and put up wet.  

Another problem with the way the springs were sitting was the upper spring isolator.  The spring wasn’t sitting in them very well.  So combine the bottom pigtail not being in the slot of the A arm, the spring being just a little too tall overall, and the upper spring isolator issue and the car sat really high in the front.  It sits low and level now after a good 3 hour round trip drive.  It’s been raining every day after work here so I haven’t been able to grab a pic.  


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