The Tail of The Dragon – Saleen Driving Event

By: Bob Goodson
November 25, 2012

 haven’t made a post in a while because I’ve been teaming up with my buddy Clay from Alabama to get this Saleen Driving Event planned.  There were a lot of details to cover so much of my spare time was used in scheduling routes, test driving them and putting together some fun awards.  
This was our first year for it and it was a huge success.  We had 21 people and I believe 13-14 cars show up.  There were 3 or 4 owners who couldn’t make it because of last minute changes or problems. All in all we topped over 450 miles in two days of which 400 were done on Saturday through the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee and North Carolina.  The Tail of The Dragon is world renowned and has been on The Discovery Channels “The Most Dangerous Roads”.  It is an awesome road to drive but not without risk.  318 curves in 11 miles and no video can even display the fun of the road.  
If you’re interested in joining this event visit The Saleen Club of America and check the events for next years dates. We also have people from The Saleen Owners and Enthusiasts Club who joined us.  To get the full Saleen experience you really have to be a member of both.  It’s just the way it is.  

At the Overlook on US 129 The Tail of The Dragon. I think I’ll take the same pic when the car is completed for a before and after poster set.

The final run through on Saturday.  Me and Speedy Reedy (Reed Reese) were leading the pack.  We were waving thanks to a big truck that pulled over so we could pass.  
Once he cleared we laid the hammer down staying in 2nd gear running 4500-redline the rest of the way.  Gotta love those tall factory 3.08 gears. Not!!  Sad thing is that this car has more “Whoa!” than “GO!” because the drivetrain is stock. The car couldn’t slingshot out of the apex of the curves because it is underpowered with the suspension setup it now has. 

We still had a blast and Reed was an awesome copilot.  
The day wasn’t without any issues though.  Jamie boiled the brakes in his 89 Saleen and Scotty had a pinched EVAP line from the gas tank on his S351.  Scott was spewing gas out of the gas cap making for some good tar and bug cleaner for the guys behind him.  He has since resolved that issue.  I will have zip ties with me next year Scott!  LOL!  
Huge weekend overall and with that Number 4 will sleep for a little while.  She currently needs a bath and will get one sometime in the near future.  Next step is to get the Tri-Ladder subframes in. 


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