What Did I Just Do???

By: Bob Goodson
March 18, 2015

Ok. We’ve all been there.  That process of “do I or don’t I?” going on in your head.  Trying to weigh the pro’s and cons of making a pretty large decision.  The process can go on for days, weeks or even months.  THEN the moment comes where you execute.  You make the move and moments later “did I make the right one??!” sets in.  This has been my thought process since before December 2014.  No, I didn’t sell Almost 4.  There have been offers, but the car isn’t for sale.  What I did was…

Add to the family.  HA!  The car on the right in the picture up top is my recent purchase. The car is a Saleen.  1993 #57 but it has as salvaged title.  The car was involved in a rollover accident about 15 years ago and was repaired.  The chassis is original other than the roof and all of the other panels have been replaced.  The car only has 56,000 miles on it and is fairly unmolested.
The plan for this car is to make it a solid, safe, reliable daily driver.  I’ve owned several foxes and my first that I owned was the most heavily modified with suspension and was the most enjoyable to drive of all my cars I’ve owned.  The issue I have with Almost 4 is that it HAS to be 110% correct and accurate from the period in which the other cars were built.  That’s my vision for it. But, the aftermarket has so much more to offer these days than 20 years ago.  So there have been moments of steering away from the goal of building an exact clone.  Having owned a 1988 GT and modified it to a place where it can handle and ride better makes that temptation even greater.
This is where #57 comes in.  The issue with buying a Saleen, Shelby or, even over in other brands, a vintage Porsche or first generation BMW E30 M series car, is that when you take it from stock or the way the factory delivered it you’re potentially hurting the value of the car long term. With #57’s history the car will always be at the bottom tier of the Saleen Fox cars.  So this is one that can be driven and modified without worry. It may actually add value to the car.  I’m currently working to make the car safe and reliable by going through all of the systems on the car.  It needs several things before it can be driven daily.  The plans are a full Maximum Motorsports suspension and some simple modifications that will make the car look like a stock Saleen but perform better than a stock


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