1990 -1991 Saleen Flo Fits – Scored for the Saleen

By: Bob Goodson
June 29, 2021

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As Fox Saleen’s get long in the tooth with age the price of the parts needed to restore one will exceed the total cost of buying a complete one. Although considering current market trends that may not be the truth for much longer.  

Either way, there are always parts that are hard to find for any restoration.  It doesn’t matter what make or model of vehicle.  There’s always something or multiple things that are elusive.  

For the Foxbody Saleen Mustangs it seems that those elusive parts are the ones that were made by major brands.  Pioneer Stereo’s for instance.  The specific models used in Saleen’s typically got thrown away when a CD player was added.  American Racing wheels are another, One piece Sterns are another, and Flo-Fit seats. 

The challenge with the Flo-Fit seats is that Saleen used the ones with the netted headrests and had their specific material used to cover them.  The 1987-1989 Saleen Flo-Fit seats have a material that isn’t made anymore.  There are no exact matches. 

Thanks to a really good friend we were able to peel these out of his stash. They are a front and rear set of 1990 – 1991 Saleen seats. 

We pulled the lower cushion out of the Bleakley Saleen and laid it down on the fronts. As you can see they match in color perfectly.

We’re going to try to make a full set of fronts by taking the good panels off of our existing seats to make a decent set.

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