1990 Saleen Mustang Bleakley Ford Impressor Vlog 1

By: Bob Goodson
June 5, 2020

Join us on YouTube as we document this process in video as well as the blogs here. 

Our first video here is a walk around the car and discussion of what isn’t correct on this vehicle. There are many good parts on it but they aren’t Saleen factory correct. There are also parts that aren’t correct on it that just simply need to be removed and replaced. The Foxbody Saleen Mustangs have a storied history and it seems the Bleakley Ford cars have another layer of history on top of that. We’re working to uncover the historical details and get in touch with people who worked at Bleakley and modded these cars at the dealer for the buyers. Subscribe and follow along. We’ll post at least two videos a month. Potentially more.


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