A Nice Surprise

By: Bob Goodson
January 19, 2020

Initially I was buying this car to modify to make it look like a 1993 Saleen.  I had a set of Logic wheels and plans to make it look like a simple factory supercharged car.  Something simple to drive and enjoy to events.  Little did I know this little red car had something else in store for me. 

When I got home with the car I made a small celebration post on Facebook.  A friend of mine Dave, sent me a photo of the car that he had sourced a few years back.  It was a photo of the car from when it was practically new. It was right at or just a smidge over a year old.  The car sported a supercharger, color matched wheels and some other bits.  

Shortly after that picture surfaced I was able to track the car back to being sold at Bleakley Ford in Georgia.  Bleakley was known to do some things back in the 90’s to their cars.  They had Impressor Stage I and Impressor Stage II packages they offered which was a kit offered by JBA at the time.  It was a mixture of JBA and Ford Motorsport parts to add performance to the 5.0 drivetrain in the mustang.  Bleakley added some things to that package like some chassis braces and even a supercharger if the new owner wanted it.  

At this point I’m still doing research for this 1990 Saleen.  It is an Impressor car but as to what it came with or which stage is still not certain.  It still has the throttle body, EGR spacer, cam, roller rockers, headers, mufflers, gears, and 2 point interior brace offered under the Stage II package.  The supercharger is gone.  I’ll be adding more pics and details as I confirm them.  I’m learning more about what Bleakley did and will post up more as I find documented info. 


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