A Stock 5.0 Upper Intake Returns

By: Bob Goodson
July 28, 2021

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Have you ever taken something to a Junkyard for trade or sold something only to find out some time later that you need that part back?  I think everyone in the room would raise their hand. Right?  We’ve all done that and I don’t think the car hobby is alone in that. There are many hobbies and there’s always that one thing you wish you hadn’t let go of.

For me in this Bleakley Ford Impressor project I would prefer to find an upper intake that I don’t have to refinish. So a trip to the junkyard was on the list. You can see the current condition of the intake on the car in the pic below. It is pitted and would need some serious time put into making it look new again.

Years ago I removed the intake from our Almost 4 Saleen SA10 project and due to space and no need for it I took it to the junkyard I visit often and swap parts for a little discount on things I need.  Granted the stock intake 6-7 years ago wasn’t much of an offering as they were not in high demand.  Things have turned a corner in the hobby where the stock items that are in good shape are starting to bring some cash.

Below is a pic of the intake off of Almost 4.

In a recent trip to the junkyard I spotted an upper intake sitting on a shelf.  I walked over to it and realized it was the one off of Almost 4. The reason I knew is because it had three screws that had to have the head drilled off to get the plaque off. That and the part number started with F0ZE which was the upper intake used from 90-93 on the 5.0 equipped cars.

I should be able to get those old screws out but the finish on this intake is in much better shape and matches the “ageing” of the one that is on this 1990 Saleen. This one will be easy to clean up and make look “lower mile” than the one that is on the car.

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  1. Mike Jones

    Been there and done that. There’s a fine line between hoarding and collecting. My wife say hoarding and I say collecting lol. I still have a pallet of those intakes. Can’t say for sure exactly what particular condition they are in but maybe one will fit the bill for someone’s need in the future


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