Bringing Back The Light – Tail Lights

By: Bob Goodson
June 2, 2020

Simple post.  Old Smoked Taillights are gone.  They were actually done really well.  They were factory tail lights (headlights too) that were painted smoke and from the looks of what was done, it was done with care.  These were sold to a fellow enthusiast 

While I dig this look on race cars and some versions of street cars that are customized, this isn’t a look I prefer on a Foxbody Saleen.  This car needs factory lights put back on it.  It just so happens that I’ve got another LX Foxbody Mustang with the correct taillights.  I took them off of that car and have plans to put a different set of lights on it. 

Such a simple change makes the car look right to me.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder for sure.  Lots of people love that smoked out look. It’s just not for me.  

I was advised the car sat a while.  I think that’s obvious.  These are two of many wasp nests I’ve found behind the lights.  Those along with several dirt dauber nests.  I’m glad they were vacant!!


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