Drip Rail Molding – Re-pop Dissatisfaction

By: Bob Goodson
July 21, 2020

These drip rail moldings were a bit disappointing when they arrived a few years ago. I bought them 3 years ago when I was trying to complete Almost 4. I don’t remember where I bought them or what brand they were.  When they arrived I threw them on the shelf and corrected a small area on the NOS ones that I installed on that project because I wanted them to be 100% correct. 

Fast forward to now and I need them for this Bleakley Saleen Mustang. They are far better than what was on it, but they are not pleasing me at all.  I gave it a go with some elbow grease.

You’ll notice in the pic above there are some grooves.  This is what is very disappointing with reproduction parts.  They are never “just right”. There’s always an issue.

Granted these are better than ones that are baked with all the rubber flying off. However, the devil is in the details and these do not match the originals. 

Even after a coat of paint, I still wasn’t pleased.  But they will have to do for now.  

Looks like the rest of the trim will need to be worked on. #restorationproblems


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