Fighting With Exhaust… And WE WON!!

By: Bob Goodson
July 7, 2020

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We had a battle with the exhaust.  So it took two installments on the video side to get this documented.  We did notice that the header we broke the stud on has had the flange welded back on at one point and was actually starting to fail again. This is most likely due to over tightening.  If you watch the video we give a tech tip towards the end regarding how this can happen.

You can see in the pics below the extra “booger” welds that were done in haste to get the flange back on the header.  

To pull that flange away from the header like that, it would have to be over tightened with an impact wrench.  The ball and the socket have to line up properly or they will leak no matter how tight they get.  


  1. Jay

    Takes the right skill, or care, to get these to line up so they don’t leak. I have that issue on our 88 Saleen. Shop that installed the exhaust did it “in haste” and couldn’t get it right. Alignment of the tips is also an issue that I’ll have to address at some point.

    • Bob Goodson

      It’s something that I fight with on every Fox Mustang. I’ve seen full Magazine shoots with the far shots out from the car and the car looks amazing except that there’s the exhaust hanging low under the car. So low in fact, that there is daylight between the top of the pipes and the bottom of the car. Drives me batty. It all has to tuck up underneath and be nice and tidy. I’m always sore after these because I fight the concrete in the process. A lift is in order. Maybe someday. lol


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