Ford Motorsport Chrome Valve Covers

By: Bob Goodson
January 10, 2021

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There is one thing for sure, no project can move along any faster than your finances will allow.  We’re not sure how many know this but this Bleakley Saleen is one of our own shop projects. So with all the things that revolve around working on client cars now and the nature of finances things don’t advance as fast as we would want.  That being said, when you see something you need that is advertised and you inquire on it you have to be prepared to buy when it is a fair deal.

Our good friend and confidant Mark LaMaskin of Performance Autosport Inc. posted these valve covers on Facebook in one of the groups we participate in. We got lucky in that we were online not too long after he posted them.  He merely asked if anyone was interested and we inquired. A phone call later and we struck a deal on them. These are getting harder to find and were a main feature of the Bleakley Impressor package cars.  

You may not be able to tell but in the picture above there is a set of chrome valve covers on the engine. They obviously need refurbishing or replacing.  We’re working to gather a bunch of parts for this project and do a good install video of them to bring this car back to its former glory. 


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