Ford Motorsport Parts Found on 1990 Saleen 193

By: Bob Goodson
May 26, 2020

The Bleakley Impressor package used a host of Ford Motorsport parts and JBA parts. JBA offered worked over stock heads and headers with a cam among other things at the time.  So the Impressor package had a lot of Ford Motorsport, JBA, and Saleen parts.  

So far there is quite a laundry list of parts found on this car.  I’m very curious to know if this car was delivered to the first owner with all of these parts because they are all either Ford Motorsports parts (which would be Saleen Catalog parts at the time) or parts that were from a JBA Impressor kit OR parts from the Ford Motorsport catalog. 

For the most part Saleen used some of the same sourced Ford Motorsport parts in their catalog offerings. The SSC used Motorsport sourced parts and modded stock intake and heads to gain power. Starting in 1990 Saleen had specific parts they were using on the SC.  The intake design was only Saleen. The mass air meter was a Pro M setup on the SC.  The rest was a myriad of Motorsport parts. The throttle body and EGR on the SC was a Ford Motorsport offering as well. I’m digressing here, but I think you get the point.

So far these are the parts I’ve found on the car that are over and above the standard “base” Saleen parts. These are all old school Saleen and Ford Motorsport parts.

1. 65mm Throttle Body

2. 67mm EGR spacer

3. Chrome Valve Covers

4. Blue Motorsport Roller Rockers

5. Motorsport Cam – Assumed a “B” Cam

6. Motorsport 2.25″ Off Road H pipe 

7. Rear Gears (guessing 3.55’s) but we’ll see when we change the fluid.

8. JBA Headers




These other parts are parts that were part of a JBA Impressor Kit from 1989 on.

9. Old school Flowmaster Mufflers.  Before the aluminized coating. They are fully rusted now.

10. Paxton SN series supercharger. While the car does not have this now. We have pics that it had one within the first year of ownership.

11. “Boxed” stock upper control arms. (The car has these but I’m not sure if this was a catalog item or something JBA offered, maybe someone out there on the InterWebs knows? Comment below)

12. 2 point interior brace (Saleen SC Spec and is part of the Impressor II package).

In the above images you can see what the current state of the Flowmasters are.  They’ve been there a long while.  I’ve had sets on the cars that were installed in the last 20 years and they don’t look near as rusty due to the coatings they started using in the mid 90’s.  These are early units for sure.  Whether or not they were delivered with the car I’m not sure.  The Impressor Package did offer mufflers and mentions Dynomax.  See Below…

In the above images you can see what Bleakley Ford offered on their Mustangs and Saleen Mustangs for the Impressor packages.  These are via a friend of mine Karl, from this Bring a Trailer auction here, who has a Bleakley Ford Impressor package Saleen.

These papers are ones that Bleakley used to show the buyer what the packages included.  With Bleakley being a large Motorsport dealer, a Saleen Dealer, and a JBA dealer, they had access to all of those parts or any combination thereof. So the buyers were able to choose from these packages and also buy parts over the counter and have them installed.

Lots of pieces of a puzzle to put together.  So far all of the parts align with the Stage II description of parts.  More to come on this… we are contacting people that worked at Bleakley at that time.


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