Front Rotor Swap and Correct Lug Nuts

By: Bob Goodson
December 13, 2020

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The front rotors on the 1990 Foxbody Bleakley Impressor car are functioning just fine.  They are brand new.  So you may ask, why the reason for this post?  The studs in the rotors on the car have been swapped out for 3″ studs which won’t allow us to put the factory correct lug nuts on the car. 

You’ll notice in the pic above the black tips of the studs are sticking out past the wheel. The previous owner of this car was working to set it up for autocross.  He had no prior knowledge of this cars history.  He commented to me when I found out about it being an Impressor car that he would have gone a different route or possibly even kept the car. 

The rotors came as a complete assembly with spindles.  The spindles are why we bought the whole setup.  We need those for another project for a client.  Stay tuned for that project.  

You can see below that the rotors have had some crude grinding along the snout.  That must be because someone tried to run late model wheels on the car they were on.  It’s not much to be concerned about.  These rotors are strong and the area ground off isn’t reaching too far into the bearing race. 

We’ve purchased new bearings and seals to set up these rotors properly.  We’ve also purchased the factory correct Saleen lug nuts.  We’re working on putting together a video on our YouTube Channel for this swap. Stay tuned in there for the details.  


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