Header Restoration 1990 Saleen Impressor

By: Bob Goodson
December 24, 2020

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Back several months ago in this post we fought to get the old exhaust and original headers off of the car.  At some point the original headers were repaired poorly. There were several booger welds on the flange that had actually broken loose from the header itself.  

The level of detail we wanted in the repair was above our welding skillset so that meant calling in the right resource.  Luckily we have just the right contact.  We dropped off both headers at King Machine and let them remove the studs and remove/reinstall that one flange on the driver side header. 

You can see they are much improved. I simply asked King Machine to replicate what was done on the good header. 

We’ve dropped them off at the ceramic coater to be blasted and coated.  Stay tuned for the results. 


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