How is this Different? It’s the Same Part.

By: Bob Goodson
June 19, 2022

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We worked to piece together a whole Dynomax Cat-Back with used and new parts. You can see the previous post about our celebration HERE. We were excited but when we received the flow tubes that go into the mufflers we noticed a difference between the two.

Above is the flow tube for the passenger side.  Note the way it is bent.  

Below is the driver side. See the difference? The bends are smooth. 

So we did more digging around to see if Walker/Dynomax offers something else for the passenger side.  Low and behold we did find a “performance” version of that passenger side pipe.  It was only $2 more than the other. So we pulled the trigger on it. When it arrived, this is what we received. 

We’ll post the pic of the first one below so it is easy to compare. 

That’s a significant difference in quality isn’t it? Supposedly the “performance” version is mandrel bent.  It is definitely a better looking and performing product. And the price difference was seriously negligible. It wasn’t that significant of a price hike between them.

Hopefully this will help someone out there who has a need for these parts. The part numbers are on the tags in the pictures. They are all Walker Exhaust part numbers. 


  1. Jay Ronca

    Such a negligible price difference ($2), why do you suppose they bother offering an inferior version?

    • Bob Goodson

      That’s a really good question. One to ponder for sure. It may be that because I bought them off Rock Auto that their buying power keeps them close in price? But there’s a HUGE difference in quality between the two.


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