NOS Paxton Parts… Unique Score for the Bleakley Impressor Saleen

By: Bob Goodson
May 29, 2022

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There’s a reason we went all out on these gauges.  And by that I mean paid up for them.  

While we don’t have any pics of the interior of the car to show which gauges it had in it we are drawing some conclusions about what it had based on what is left.  

As you can see in the image above, there are two teflon lines going into the dash area from the engine bay.  There’s only one of them terminated at the fuel pressure gauge.  Our guess is that at some point there was a boost gauge based on the second teflon line AND the extra hole in the A pillar. See below. 

Based on these things we can assume that there were two gauges on the A pillar at one point.  Also, the gauge pod looks to be crudely cut above the fuel pressure gauge. Again, trying to draw conclusions based on this, it seems the gauge pod may have been a two gauge unit.  We’ll need to investigate more into the pod as it may have a part number on what’s left of it.  

Either way, our plan is to put both fuel pressure and boost gauges back in it.  It is likely that this car had both based on what we have found.  The teflon lines are what come with the Paxton gauge units when they are new.

You can see below that we scored a set of NOS gauges and the FMU (Fuel Management Unit) looks brand new never installed as well.  Although it didn’t show up in any original packaging. 

It’s exciting to find these and be able to get one step closer to bringing this Bleakley Impressor Saleen Mustang back to its former glory.  This is easily the most fun part of the process short of enjoying the final product when it is done. 


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