Parts Hunting

By: Bob Goodson
May 5, 2020

My how 10 years have changed when it comes to finding parts.  Ten years ago when I bought Almost 4 finding Foxbody Saleen parts wasn’t as challenging as it is today.  Many of the parts needed for this 1990 Saleen were fairly common 10 years ago.  When I owned my 1989 Saleen I was able to find some of these parts I’m posting in this thread very easily.  As the cars have aged and the youngest Foxbody Saleen is now 27 years old the quality of what you find is similar to what you’ll find for regular used Fox Mustang parts.  

So color me surprised when I was sent a link to an eBay auction that had some American Racing Wheels center caps in it.  I put the auction on my watch list and kept up with it a little.  It just so happened that the day the auction was ending I was sitting on the couch perusing stuff on my phone.  So I checked in on it at the right time.  There was 13 minutes left.  So I did what everyone does in the last minutes of an auction.  I kept checking back on it every minute or two watching for bids.  Wondering how high it would go.  With two minutes left I put in a bid for my maximum amount.  And lo and behold I won!  Not only did I win, I was the only bidder!  How does that happen??!  So I pay for the auction right away and wait for the shipment to arrive.  

When they arrived I was shocked.  Not only were they in great shape, they were brand new NOS.  They’ve never been installed!

So now all I need to do is remove the ARE labels on them and install some Saleen S decals and we’re set.  

Along with the center-caps I made a post about the car on the Facebook page.  A good buddy of mine George posted up that he had an extra aluminum master cylinder.  This is what is correct for the car.  There is a steel one in the car. A replacement at some point, but it is not correct.  The aluminum is what was used on the SVO and that’s what Saleen used with their production Mustangs through mid 1992.  

The shift knob is a simple Amco piece that many cars used in the 1970’s, 80’s and 90’s.  Devil is in the details here as these can be found but they don’t have the chrome “collar” at the bottom with a set screw.  This one was originally a 4 speed shift knob for another brand of car that I bought years ago. I had a correct 5 speed medallion in my stash.  I bought this shift knob several years ago because it was correct physically but just needed that medallion.  I kept them both because figured I’d need one some day and here we are.  I will need to do some repair on it and get a correct threaded insert so that it fits the Mustang shifter handle.  But that’s not difficult with the right tools.  More details on this later as I work to get it installed.  


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