Paxton and McCulloch Supercharger Inlet Tube

By: Bob Goodson
August 18, 2020

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When I bought the Paxton Supercharger kit the whole kit was 98% complete.  There were some small things missing.  BUT, there were a lot of modern pieces in the kit which are good quality and allowed for a blow-off valve.  

In trying to recreate this car and how it was back when it was new, those new parts have to go.  So I was on the search for a Paxton/McCulloch supercharger inlet tube.  It just so happens that this lovely piece showed up on eBay for not much money.  

Most people want to make the most power, so these things are a bit restrictive.  Here in the Purist Motorsports world we’ll work to make the most power with period correct parts.  There’s always going to be newer technology beating old technology.  Bigger, better, badder is always the norm in technology and engineering.  While that is expected and desired, around here we go for the phrase “whats old is new again”.  

So this is a big score in the world of this Bleakley Ford car. 


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