Paxton Supercharger Air Filter Cover – Original Found

By: Bob Goodson
March 7, 2021

The air filter cover in the picture above is one that you can currently buy online as a replacement.  As with anything made 30 years ago there will be supplier changes or design changes.  While this is the current offering, it is not correct for the Bleakley Impressor car we are working to restore and bring back to its former glory. 

Below is an original one from the early 90’s that we were offered by a good friend Billy.  We did some horse trading and we were able to get this part for our car.  

It will need some TLC before we install it, but at least we have it.  

This is the attention to detail we like to give when putting a car back together.  The goal is to have it as close to or exactly as it was on the day of delivery to the first owner. Or if the first owner had a couple of “day two” mods they did, that is what we shoot for as well. 


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