Pioneer KEH-8100-QR “Quick Release” Saleen Stereo

By: Bob Goodson
January 13, 2021

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Finding specific parts is always a challenge.  Sometimes there’s a compromise between 100% correct and a standard production piece that’s a standard production piece which is acceptable. Take this head unit for instance.  The first version of this was a KEH-8100QR. I was advised the QR stands for “Quick Release”.  This head unit pictured here is an 8100 series unit but has another feature which makes it a KEH-8100-SDK. According to the person I bought it from, it was removed from a 1991 Saleen.

This unit and the QR unit are just about identical upon quick glance.  But when closely compared there are some minor differences.  However, they both were used in the Foxbody Saleen production.  We’re not sure what our 1990 Bleakly Impressor came with so we’re going with something that was “standard” for that time or as close to that as we can get. 

We paid a pretty penny for this unit but it seems thats par for the course these days.  We paid more for this than for a Pioneer FH-M75 dual CD/Tape deck that we imported for Almost 4, our SA10 project, about 8 years ago.  And that includes customs fees.  

We’re not big Hi-Phi audio gearheads.  We did help some of our friends install systems in their cars in the early 90’s, but we spent more money on go fast parts like exhaust systems, carbs, or exterior modifications like wheels.  So, if there are any people out there who know more about the Pioneer models from this era please feel free to comment.  We could use the info. 

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  1. Mike Foley

    From my research on what pioneer model Saleen used in 1988, they probably special ordered the stereos without the quick release feature to save a couple of bucks. Most if not all of the Original 1988s with original radios are not quick release, and the non quick release KEH 6080 (1988) is not in the 1988 Pioneer catalog, though the quick release one is.
    Most of the 1988 radios I see for sale are quick release, so I assume they didn’t come from a Saleen and probably originated overseas.
    I Have an 8100QR in my 1988 because it was in sweet shape and is such a better radio than the 1988 spec KEH 6050QR I got from Poland. (It looks like it spent 25 years in the dashboard of a Warsaw Cabbies Lada.:)
    I have the 8100QR installation manual and the service manual if you need copies.


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