Saleen ARE Wheels Installed! First Drive!!

By: Bob Goodson
August 14, 2020

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I don’t think I’ve ever been so blown away.  I’m rarely speechless.  It’s very rare to have someone step into your life and offer you a gift.  Mike Bollman reached out to me to start a conversation regarding some Saleen Foxbody parts he’s seeking.  In that conversation he asked if there was anything I was looking for.  I mentioned that I was looking for some used headlights and marker lights.  He commented that he had some that were NOS.  I mentioned that I really wanted to get some used ones because the NOS ones are becoming so valuable.  

A couple of days later I get a message from him saying he’s got them all boxed up and would ship them to me.  I mentioned that they were going to be out of my budget for this build and he was like “no, I’m sending these to you for your build”.  He didn’t expect payment.  I honestly didn’t know what to say.  I was speechless.  Literally.  And those of you who know me know that I can chat up a storm to a point where I write these blog posts to share thoughts and project updates with you the readers.  

All of these lights came from him.  They are ALL New Old Stock pieces.  I had the passenger headlight, which is really hard to find, in my own stash.  So the Bleakly Ford 1990 Saleen got ALL new headlights.  VERY Cool!! 

After going for a test drive the car “ran” but it didn’t run good.  After going on a good 30 minute drive here are the takeaways

  • Suspension – Rides good and handles ok.  Replacement Monroe’s do ok. I would probably prefer an adjustable shock/strut combo. I like a firm contact of the road.  This was a little more cushy but makes for a good “long haul” car. 
  • Brakes – Pedal travel is very long.  Master cylinder needs to be replaced with the correct aluminum housing unit.  Booster needs replacing. This one is rusted on the bottom. 
  • Fuel – I can smell fuel through the air filter.  The car will start after a long drive but it is a hard start.  After sitting overnight it fires on the first quarter turn of rotation.  It is likely the injectors are leaking/dripping.  Which may explain the power loss.  Especially on the top end.
  • Oil – smells of oil abound.  Valve covers are leaking for sure. 
  • One motor mount is weak.  The rubber inside the mount is not holding.  We’ll end up with urethane units in this car too.  

All in all the car runs and drives which is great.  it’s nice to have it on the ground where it can be driven at the turn of a key.  There’s a lot left on the table when it comes to power output of the motor.  The injectors look original and all of the gaskets on the top end need replacing.  We’ve got a plan to document the process.  Stay tuned!!


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