Saleen Harada Antenna – Pt 1

By: Bob Goodson
October 3, 2021

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Saleen had a TON of unique parts they used over the years.  Seat material, stereo’s, alarms, radar detectors, headers, radiators, cat back exhausts…etc.

Little did I know when I bought this car that it would have some very unique and expensive (in todays world) parts to find and replace.

Saleen used a Harada Antenna kit for many of their cars from 87-91. When they had their own DSO (Dealer Service Order) pool number they were ordering cars equipped exactly the way they needed to convert them without any added costs or extra time. With their DSO two things that were shipped in the car was an antenna with no radio and a GT hatch.  Many of these cars can be spotted by having an additional Buck tag marked Saleen on the radiator support.

What you see above is what is left of the Harada antenna base on 1990 Saleen 193.  And the prices of these antennas that are NOS are insane if you can find one.

So we polled several people in the Saleen community and were pointed to a couple of people.  One in particular is a long time friend of mine going back well over a decade or more. He was able to point us in the right direction since parts of the base were still useable.  They aren’t mint, but they are useable.

So we bought the Harada in the picture below for like $35 off of eBay.  It has the Ford Oval base that fits so many late 1990’s – early 2000’s Fords.  Obviously since that isn’t what we need we’ll end up reusing the rectangle base we have.  See where we’re going? 

So with this partiular antenna we can use the cable end and reuse the rectangle base. That will allow us to get a working antenna back in the car to hook up to the original style stereo.  Maybe even throw in our Top Gun soundtrack tape from back in the day to jam on!! 

But, there’s one issue, the antenna tip isn’t correct.  It has the little square/round tip.  The one that this car would have come with has a ball tip. Stay tuned…. we’ve got a solution and it won’t break the bank. 


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