Saleen SA10 Hood?? And Wheel Prep.

By: Bob Goodson
July 28, 2020

The idea of driving this car is getting more and more exciting.  At this point I’ve driven the car less than 150′.  That was far enough to get it off the trailer and up into the garage.

Since January this thing has sat on jack stands while being worked on.  I think everyone reading this can relate to having a car “parked” for some time while it is being worked on.  Whether you do it yourself like this or whether you have someone else perform the work for you the anticipation grows to where you get excited because you’re so close to being able to drive it.

The Saleen hood is one we’ve had and installed previously on the Almost 4 project. We didn’t end up using it on that car and it seemed fitting to use it on this car.  We did a video of it that can be found here on our YouTube channel. 

What’s amazing is that this hood fit this car so well.  I was able to install it by myself and didn’t have to make adjustments to the hinges or the latch mechanism at all. I spent about 4-5 hours with my buddy Greg working to make it fit Almost 4 and had to adjust EVERYTHING to get it to line up as well as it did on this car. 

It does need some adjustment on the passenger side and the fender gaps need a little love.  These hoods never really fit great anyways.  They look awesome but the fit/finish is a little less than desired.  

We did spend a good bit of time getting the wheels prepped for paint.  All they need is to be taped up and then spray some color on them.  

In the pic below you can see that they have been sanded.  We used a red Scotch Brite pad and then washed them down with Dawn Dishwashing soap after that to get rid of any grease or fingerprints.  Once they are masked up with tape, it’s off to take them to the paint shop.  Stay tuned to YouTube, we may have a video drop this Friday with them completed. 


  1. Brandon Schopp

    I want to buy that SA-10 hood from you. Throw a price at me.

    • Bob Goodson

      Thanks for the interest. It’s not for sale.


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