Saleen Wing Details – We Install the “Double Stack” Wing

By: Bob Goodson
August 22, 2021

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The Bleakley Impressor is becoming a patchwork quilt of colors.  We’ve given this car a name.  Sanford and Son.  It’s because it is becoming apparent that junkyards and spare parts from other vehicles are giving it new life. That, and it also looks the part. 

We thought it would be best to install the wing on the car to keep it safe.  The wing already has some damage from being banged around while being stored.  The damage is mainly along the edge of the base which is not surprising as it is very fragile along the edges.  The fiberglass is thin overall and that just exacerbates the problem with the weakness at the edge.  

After we put the wing on it seemed only fitting to do a video of the different style wings from 87-93 Saleen’s.  It is worth saying that there may be more minor nuances that we’re not aware of in the design of the wing from 87-89.  

Take a look at the video here.  If you haven’t already, pleas subscribe to the channel.  


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