Shorty Headers – Restored: Before and After

By: Bob Goodson
January 17, 2021

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What you are looking at is the pair of original headers we removed from 1990 Saleen #0193 when we fought with the exhaust.  We did a few videos on our YouTube channel on this. 


We did swap them with some headers that are nearly identical.  We may not have mentioned it but our intentions the whole time were to have these restored because they were a solid header.  They just needed some TLC.  Our two previous posts about these headers give some detail in what we went through.

 Post 1: Header Damage

Post 2: Header Repairs Before Ceramic Coating

As you can see in both of those posts the headers needed specific repairs due to some poorly executed repairs in the past.  It is likely the repairs in the past were done on the car.

Here are some pics of the restored pieces.

As you can see there is some pitting from the rust that was on them. We knew that was going to be the case before having them coated. That’s ok.  They turned out great for what we need. 


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