Swapping Out an Aluminum Radiator for an Aluminum Radiator

By: Bob Goodson
April 28, 2020

I know what you’re thinking.  You swapped out an aluminum radiator for another aluminum radiator?  Yes. I sure did. 

There are several parts on this car that are modern parts.  The radiator is one of them along with the stereo and the suspension. We’ll save the stereo and suspension for later posts.  In this one we’re looking at the radiator. 

I had planned to swap this out a couple of weeks ago during our “quarantine” but ended up breaking a bolt off in the A/C compressor aluminum bracket.  With quarantine going on and taking care of details of my “real job” there was no time to go get the parts in the junkyard.  I was able to go two weekends ago and get the parts. This allowed me to tackle the radiator swap and replacing that bracket at the same time.  The radiator has to come out to get that bracket out because the power steering pump has to come off the stud holding it and the A/C compressor bracket. 

It’s a good thing I got a replacement bracket because the second bolt in that bracket stripped the threads in the aluminum.  I ended up taking a die to get the aluminum off the threads of the bolt and clean them up for the new bracket. 

Anyways… Back to the radiator. 

As you can see I had this older Griffin radiator in my parts stash. It’s so old that the serial number is hand etched into the top plate.  Anyone know how to determine what age this is?  I remember this style being made in the mid to late 90’s and was manufactured up through the early 2000’s. I’d consider this one “Period Correct” in design but is probably one of the later units. I bought it from a speed shop who removed it from their display. 

So I was able to get the other SVE radiator out without much issue and put this Griffin in without any issues. I do have plans for the SVE radiator.  Stay tuned to the Youtube channel and this website for updates on what we have planned. 

Final pic is with the Griffin installed and new A/C compressor in place. All I need are the rest of the wheels and I’ll be able to get it back on the ground. It’s anchored in place until they arrive. 


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