Why do people do this???!!! Please stop… Just stop.

By: Bob Goodson
July 24, 2022

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Why do people do this? It fails me to understand the thought process.  As you can see the wiring has been zip tied to the sway bar.  Who thinks that this is a good idea? 

It’s one thing to make a temporary fix on a daily driver to get you to your paying job but its another thing to do this type of stuff on a project car or hobby car.  If you can’t afford to do it right at the time then stop, save $$$ and do it right later.  

There are a lot of people who consider themselves “car guys”.  That term is spread wide but what does it really mean? 

Does it mean you’re knowledgeable of car brands and models? Does it mean you’re capable of buying your dream car and you collected hot wheels? Does it mean you’re capable of building your dream car? Does it mean you’re capable of maintaining your hobby/dream car? 

Most people would answer yes to all or part of those questions. However, if you’re not capable of making sound decisions when it comes to issues with the car, just stop there.  Just stop.  For the sake of safety of yourself and others on the road, STOP. There are thousands of qualified shops who can do the work. If you have “trust” issues because of previous shops then you need to take a hard look at yourself and the shops involved.  Sometimes the problem is looking at you in the mirror and sometimes it isn’t.  

Again, if you think the above is ok and see nothing wrong with it, be sure to hire the right people to work on your cars.  This isn’t ok.  


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