1987-1989 Saleen FloFit Seats


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WILL NOT SHIP!!!  This set must be picked up!

These things are roasted more than your older high school brother at a college fraternity party.  They’ve been loved and adored and baked to the point of needing some care. Be just like that college girl who has sympathy for your older brother and show these seats some love.

A front and rear set of 1987 to 1989 Saleen FloFit seats. One front seat has had the rear panel removed. The headrests are in great shape and are worth 3/4 of the asking price alone.  The upper frames have obvious tears in the metal pan.  Not to worry an extra pair of upper seat pans are included in this sale along with an extra set of surround foam.

Here is the bad of these seats. These details are in the pictures

  • Material on front seats is completely worn out except for ONE center section.
  • Plastic covers have small cracks
  • Rear seat foam is good but material is sun baked
  • Lower rear seat cover has had a part cut out of the middle in the front.  Maybe a dog bit it?
  • One side “thigh” bolster foam on each lower seat half is worn and will need rebuilt by an upholstery shop.
  • Spare driver seat frame had to have a bolt cut off to be able to separate the top from the bottom. This will have to be extracted.
  • No seat tracks

The Good:

  • Lower frames are in good shape
  • Extra set of front upper seat back frames to swap
  • Complete foam set for all the seats
  • Patterns are good from original material for recovering
  • Headrests are in excellent shape. No torn netting.
  • One Door panel is included. The Saleen insert has cigarette burns.
  • All hardware included that attaches upper and lower front parts together


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