1990-1991 Saleen FloFit Seats – Incomplete


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A front and rear set of 1990 and 1991 Saleen FloFit seats. The front seats have been blown apart and material used to save a set of seats in our 1990 Saleen.  There is enough material to make one good passenger side seat. This is a good opportunity for someone to use a portion of this or all of this to complete their 1990-91 Saleen interior.

Here is the bad of these seats. These details are in the pictures

  • Breadloaf headrests instead of netted halos
  • Plastic covers have small cracks
  • Only one full set of upper seat foam surround for front seats (Driver Seat has center section only)
  • Upper (Front Seat Back) seat covers are blown apart
  • Lower seat bolsters have wear or cigarette burns
  • Rear lower seat cover has been installed on an 87-89 seat cushion (no idea why we did not do that. This is how it was when we bought it)
  • Driver seat frame had to have a bolt cut off to be able to separate the top from the bottom. This will have to be extracted.

The Good:

  • Rear Seat is in Good condition
  • Center sections of front seat backs are complete
  • Complete foam set for one front seat
  • Enough material to make one good complete front passenger seat
  • Patterns are good from original material for recovering
  • Both front Saleen seat tracks and adapters are included
  • Headrests are in great shape and are the same material as the seats.
  • All hardware included that attaches upper and lower front parts together


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